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Sustainability is the core objective of Alpine Excursion Treks and Expedition (P) Ltd. However; sooner or later the most significant efforts go to obtain the financial goal through tourism deal. But unavoidable alarming issue of negative impacts of tourism on other hand is considerably horrible. Therefore it is essential that, to stimulate the sense of charitable trust towards nature, culture and whole universe to incorporate for the ability of sustainable development initiative is must. And there is a principal argument to ensure sustainable development initiative; it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is inevitable to pursue the principle guidelines of sustainable tourism development perspectives to make the existing resources remained eternally prosperous with safe and sound lives eliminating all emergence uncertainty and undesirable consequences in future.     

A distinct feature of Alpine Excursion Treks and Expedition (P) Ltd. is to be equally fair to all sector related to our business relationship under the competency of professional disciplines. The management team and staffs are well educated with Ecotourism and community based tourism. It is strongly assigned to follow the principles and guidelines of sustainable tourism development initiative embracing responsible tourism to achieve the triple-bottom line outcomes of sustainable development, i.e. economic growth, environmental integrity and social justice. The most remarkable competency of the company is well experienced and young energetic management team with full of professional knowledge.



The common purpose of tourism is to obtain unique experience and pleasure except some particular forms of tourism such as, business, educational and family meeting. But eventually all those diverse forms of tourism will exist only until the natural and cultural resources will be existed in their normal state. Though the emerging issue of climate change is global concern and most of the developed and industrial countries are ethically responsible to impulse the rate of global warming. But now each and every individual from this earth is morally enforced to be responsible to diminish the intensity of consequence caused by greenhouse gas emission. Otherwise the existence of our common home "the earth" is pushing into the state of vulnerability, so who can imagine the unfortunate loss of this earth we are well acknowledged with this circumstance and therefore we are aware on it, but we just need our partners to be with us.

Though our presence would be accounted one of the smallest unit against the emerging unpleasant circumstances caused the climate change. But we have well acknowledged these issues which are unavoidable circumstances; therefore we consistently keep our role in sustainable tourism development initiative. We do not suggest people to control over use of resources; we make them aware about the emergence of unpredictable calamity and potentially endangering existence of species due to the climate change because of over using resources attitude of human beings. 

The executives, managers and all staffs are well trained introducing the responsibilities to maintain the sustainability ethics either during the job or in the individual life time. They are ever conscious to perform and ready to come together to allow the principle and guidelines coined to endorse the sustainability initiative in the practical life.

No matter whether a company includes all principle and guidelines of either sustainable tourism or responsible tourism development initiative to decorate the written documents, but to bring into practical life is most demanding issue. There are factors determining the irresponsible attitudes of people towards nature and culture, therefore without ethical assessment to identify those realities and to address their obligations, potentially all commitments will be limited only in a slogan and that all statements will be a matter of good story telling affair in the future.  

To this regard as we know that, we ourselves must be significantly educated with those entire consequences and implementing procedures of set principles and guidelines practically. But knowing these all is not enough to apply in practical life it must be well understood and acknowledged at first, and it will be potentially possible to bring into practical life. Therefore both theoretical and practical based training must be frequently held, likewise motivation, orientation and presentation/involvement is essentially must.  

Therefore it is obligatory directive that, training for skill development related to job orientation, personality development for better leadership in presentation of natural and cultural heritage sites, socio-economic and environmental prospects along with all precautionary and conservation directives for proactive involvement against future calamity of all.   


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