Mustang Region

Among the various Region and Part of Nepal, Mustang Region is one of the unique Region in Nepal. From the Tibetan culture and traditions directly affected part Mustang is formerly Kingdom of Lo, is a remote and isolated region of the Nepalese Himalayas. The Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area until 1992 which makes it one of the most preserved regions in the world. Mustang Region is divided in two parts that is Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang. Both have an equal importance, a really unique landscape of Nepal "Upper Mustang" is popular for adventurous trekking and "Lower Mustang" is famous for natural scenery. Lo Manthang, a place lies in Upper Mustang where still a King hold their position but the King does not have any authority to rule as per his desire by Nepal Government. Even though, People from Mustang Region still have high respect and belief towards King and his family.

Mustang is popular for ancient and historic caves. The caves all over Mustang bear evidence of prehistoric settlers. The Caves shows the origin and life of Mustangi Peoples. From the peoples of different country makes to many research in the caves of Mustang every year. Religion plays a vital role in the life of Upper Mustang's People. Festivals like Loshar (Tibetan New Year), Saka Lug Ka (rites for timely rains and a good harvest) or Duk Chu (monks dance and prayers for a prosperous next year). On the various occasions, Monks (Lamas) are called to make Puza in individual houses. Culturally and historically costume and mask dances popular Three Days Tijji Festival take place near the King's Palace on the auspicious attendance of King. The festival held in April/May every year and it is one of the major touristic attraction of Upper Mustang Trekking. Most Monasteries in Mustang belong to the Ngor subsect of Sakya Buddhism. These living monasteries, some of which are attached to caves, harbor great treasures of religious art.

Mostly camping trekking is accessible in Mustang Region. Because of geographically diversities is it hard to make the Tea house trekking but it can also be done hardly. Mustang Trek is really famous trek of Nepal where large numbers of tourists visit for a unique experience and a different landscape every year. Livestock is the most important source of cash income of local peoples. In the villages, cattle is kept for milk, meat, and fuel. Large numbers of goat and sheep are driven south for sale at the end of the summer. Dzopa (a crossbreed of Yak and Cow) plough the fields. Horses and mules are the means of transportation in Mustang Region which carries peoples and loads. Agriculture is not so much possible in Mustang Region without irrigation. Men, Women and children work together on the fields. Barley, buckwheat, peas, and potatoes are the crops that grow here, and the seasons are marked by festivals. A legendary and historic Region Mustang is really awesome place and part of Nepal which gives every travelers satisfaction and unique experience. Alpine Excursion Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd is the expert organizing agency for managing well trip to Mustang and all over Nepal and Tibet.

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