Socio-Economic welfare initiative of Alpine Excursion:

Regarding new employees' recruitment plan; the Alpine Excursion Treks and Expedition  Pvt.Ltd.has recently initiated a ten years plan with a motto" One village on job opportunity, an individual from each family". The primary objective of the idea is to offer at least one employment opportunity to each household in a particular village/society. It is no matter whether the potential employee would be skilled, semiskilled or non-skilled he/she will be offered an appropriate job initially. And in the long run all those semi-skilled and non-skilled employees will be gradually made skilled in related/desired field providing them necessary trainings in regular basis. The particular purpose of the company regarding this unique plan is to strengthen village people to get rid from unfortunate economic condition and make them self-sustained on their own.

In the beginning company is going to initiate this "One village on job opportunity, an individual from each family" program at Thulodhunga Village in Solukhumbu, as an introductory phase, where majority indigenous people are residing in and around the village; such as Magar, Rai and some few Bishwokarma (black smith), Damai (the tailoring caste) and very few Newar. There are altogether 176 households surrounded the village Thulodhunga. Profile of the village in terms of natural and social efficiency of Thulodhunga village is encouraging. But the whole society is not yet economically blessed since ancestors' time for the centuries and throughout the generations.

The principal means of livelihood for villagers is only the subsistence based agriculture till the date; there is no more commercial production of high value cash crops in practice yet. Most of the old and young people are in need of professional skills. Some very few are carpenter and mason, but they are also compatible only in and around the village where they are residing. Therefore a constant economic prosperity is still beyond their access due to lack of better employment and business opportunities neither inside nor outside their village for them.       

Tourism is absolutely tough demanding market of psychological deal, it is known as the industry of industries based on skill, knowledge and experiences. Tourism can be held through multiple interactions among different entities such as; transportation service, hotel/accommodation service, restaurant/catering service, society/destination community, nature/natural attractions and culture/the monuments in the destination. And that mission would be determined through the communication and negotiation between traveler from the origin and organizer/mediator in the destination. The purpose of traveling would be specified in terms of different modes of interest therefore the destinations would be determined accordingly.

The principal objectives of travelling in the destinations are to obtain particularly desirable pleasure through unique experiences within the limited time period and money. Considering the widespread definition tourism does not remain in limited significance of pleasure and satisfaction from a single venture of tourism type. Tourism is indistinctive phenomena in its broad meaning and interpretation, such as tourism is for business, education, adventure, friendship, charity, religion, seminar, conference, sports, family and meeting relatives, natural and cultural attractions observation etc. The Alpine Excursion Treks and Expedition Private limited is well introduced with all about those multiple features of distinctive forms of tourism occurring in Nepal. Therefore a major concern of company is potential gap of customizing quality service delivery continuation.


Motivation Plan of Company:

Alpine Excursion Treks and Expedition Private Limited aspire to create multiple employment opportunity to young individuals those who are potentially skilled, semiskilled or non-skilled and either temporarily employed or unemployed. The company will be a constant responsible partner for each individual employee helping them for their social life. Several incentive schemes are provisioned to award all employees based on performance excellence merits. Such as cash prize, for temporary employees' group or family tour package, health insurance, trainings and cash bonus for permanent staffs and scholarship to their school kids.

Employees will be awarded in every anniversary day of company offering cash prize, bonus, or coupon for tour package, health insurance, training and kid's scholarship with a token of memory. Likewise on the occasion of every five years' anniversary of company; all employees will be awarded with recognition letter including other service provider agencies, destination cooperatives and even clients who will create best value for us and entire tourism of Nepal associated with Alpine Excursion Treks and Expedition Private Limited.

Regular trainings and orientation for proficiency enhancement to all level of employees in this company at least twice in a year is unavoidably scheduled program. Principally the company approaches often employee friendly program management system, because a simple and minute experience and idea will be well intertwined throughout the whole tourism planning of company. To make them feel endorsed  with their valuable contribution during the training or orientation period each and every individual employee's experiences and ideas will be well observed and included for the references of long term and short term plan and program of company.

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