Tijji Festival 2024 in Up. Mustang- May 5,6,7, 2024

  • Trip Duration21 Days
  • Starting Price (P/P)Contact Us
  • Group SizeMinimum 2 Pax to 11 pax
  • Trip GradeModerate

Trip Facts

Destination: Nepal

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Transportation: Private Vehicle / Aeroplane

Accommodation: Lodge + Camping

Trek Style: 1

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Tijji Festival Trek Special offer 2024Highlights

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  • Trek in the shadows of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna along the Kali Ghandaki River enroute to Mustang

  • White-washed mountain villages

  • Colourful Buddhist shrines and temples

     A popular excursion is the Upper Mustang Tiji Festival hike, which draws visitors from all over the world in their millions. The finest opportunity to discover the area's natural splendor is through the Tiji Festival trekking program. Visit the region's diverse flora and fauna, terrain, historic monasteries, spiritual significance, Tibetan culture, and eventually take part in the Tiji Festival, which is held to summon the power of the Nobel Prize to drive off evil. The best time to visit Mustang is during the month of May when the weather is ideal and the area is characterized by the upbeat and joyful energy of a significant annual celebration in the Mustang region.

The typical length of the Mustang Tijji Festival journey is 18 days. The walk begins in Pokhara and passes through Jomsom, Kagbeni, Ghilling, Drakamar, and Tsarang before participants reach Lo Manthang to take part in the Tiji Festival. You will have the best opportunities to learn about Tibetan culture and local way of life by taking part in Tiji festival activities.

The Tiji festival is held in the royal palace square of Mustang. Monks participate in ritual activities such as mask dances, mantra chanting, and wearing traditional Tibetan garb during the Tiji Festival. In Tiji, a divinity by the name of Dorje Jono fights his demon father to save the kingdom of mustang from destruction. Monks conduct the "Tsa Chaam," "Ngacham," and "Rha Chham" dances during the course of the three days of festivities in an effort to bring harmony and prosperity to the Mustang region. Locals engage in festivals in a unique way by dressing in traditional Tibetan garb to make them distinctive. After the three-day celebration is finished, hikers will return to Pokhara and then continue on to Kathmandu.

  The Tiji celebration Trek is a tour that takes you back in time to the prehistoric civilisation of Lo and is more than just a trip to see a religious celebration. 

   There are basic to luxurious lodging facilities at Lo Manthang, and you can find simple teahouses along the way. Road recently connected to Lo-manthang in this manner, so you can also travel in an opulent jeep. The Mustang Tiji Festival hike falls under the medium category, with a maximum height of about 4200 meters. Before beginning your Upper Mustang Tiji Festival trip package, you must first obtain a special permit because the area is restricted. Purchase a 10 or 14-day package for the Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Tour if you are unable to walk but are interested in attending the celebration.

Tiji Festival 2024  will take place on May 5, 6, and 7.

Tijji Festival Trek details for 2024 

What are interesting facts about Tijji Festival Trekking ?

Trip duration : 21 days

Max. Altitude: 4200mt

Start / Finish:Kathmandu / Kathmandu

Difficulty: Moderate

Trek style:Lodge (Teahouse) . Tent, Camping 

Transportation: Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/ flight 

Trek Luggage:  Carried by local porter

Meal: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Best Season/ Month: Feb-May/Sep-Dec

Battery Recharge: available 

Internet Connection: available  

Group Size: Min. 2  person  - 15 person 

Activities: Trekking, tour, hiking explore to the old monastery .local lifestlye 

Wi-Fi: Every day

Per day walk: 5-8 Hours

Trip Route:

Tijji Festival Trek Special offer  for 2024 details

Mustang Region is popular for ancient and historic caves of Neapl . The caves all over Mustang bear evidence of prehistoric settlers. The Caves shows the origin and life of Mustangi Peoples. From the peoples of different country makes to many research in the caves of Mustang every year. Religion plays a vital role in the life of Upper Mustang's People.

Festivals like Loshar (Tibetan New Year), Saka Lug Ka (rites for timely rains and a good harvest) or Duk Chu (monks dance and prayers for a prosperous next year). On the various occasions, Monks (Lamas) are called to make Puza in individual houses. Culturally and historically costume and mask dances popular Three Days Tijji Festival take place near the King's Palace on the auspicious attendance of King.

The festival held in April/May every year and it is one of the major tourist attraction of Upper Mustang Trekking. Most Monasteries in Mustang belong to the Ngor subsect of Sakya Buddhism. These living monasteries, some of which are attached to caves, harbor great treasures of religious art.

Tijji Festival is annually celebrated festival for 3 day long at Lo Monthang (Upper Mustang). In Lo monthang there is still the King's Palace exits and in front of King's Palace this great festival TIjji is celebrate every year.

The Tijji  festival initially began as a religious ceremony, to ward off obstacles and suffering that might befall the region. Later it also come to symbolize the hope and strength of the people of Lo which is divided into seven provinces known as Lo Tso Dhun. Geographically and culturally rich Mustangi People (People's from Mustang) strongly believe that the Tijji festival bring them the hope, peace and protection from the evil forces.

In Tijji Festival people of Mustang show us a different version of culture through various means such a Dances. There is a myth of god named Dorje Shunu who born again to make free from evil forces. Through the power of Tiji festival dances and the variety of forms he takes, the god defeats the demons and thereby bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

Why is the Tiji Festival Celebrated?

   Tenchi Festival(Tijji Festival)  is a significant event with a rich religious and cultural history in the Upper Mustang region. The Festival is observed to remember the victory of good over evil and to ward off difficulties and bad luck. It is thought to purify people's souls and rid the area of negativity, promoting peace, prosperity, and well-being. 

The lovely annual event known as Tiji is observed in Upper Mustang at Lo-Mustang in accordance with Tibetan customs. The Tiji "Tenpa Chirim" is a condensed form of the prayer for world peace.  To evoke divine benefits and protection from evil powers, rituals, chanting, and prayers are done.

 What are the highlights of the Tiji festival?

The most well-known holiday in Upper Mustang is the Tiji Festival, sometimes referred to as the "Tenchi" festival. It is an exuberant event that showcases the diverse cultural traditions of the Mustang population. It is a holiday that is rich in symbolism and tradition. Locals and visitors have the chance to gather together to celebrate life, community, and culture.From the road to Tenpa Chirim-festival tour, visitors can enjoy stunning views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, mountain towns, Buddhist shrines, Chhortens, and the Kalighandaki River. Although the landscape is difficult, dry, and unforgiving, you can capture spectacular moments. The display of colors during the festival makes for the most fascinating observations. People behave as legendary figures while dancing while dressed in festive attire with many colors. This enhances the beauty of the Buddhist event. 

What is the Main Festival of Lo Manthang, Nepal?  

The primary event in Lo Manthang, Nepal, is the "Tiji" or "Tenchi" festival. In the Upper Mustang region of the Himalayas, Tiji is a three-day annual celebration with significant cultural and religious significance. In Nepal's Mustang District, there is a small, historic walled city called Lo Manthang. Tiji is also connected to the region's defense against natural calamities and other ominous forces. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Upper Mustang?

The Tiji Festival takes place in May and the first few days of June. This time of year is a great time to travel to highland areas since the weather is nice, the temperature is mild, the scenery is alive with blooming flowers, and the Himalayas are clearly visible. Therefore, May is the ideal month to travel to Upper Mustang and observe the Tiji festival in Lo Manthang Nepal. 

How to Get to Lo Manthang Nepal?

Lo Manthang is a rural village in Nepal's Upper Mustang region that is situated in a prohibited area. The three main modes of transportation to Lo Manthang are car, plane, and foot. Typically, a trip to Lo Manthang begins with a flight or a drive from Pokhara to Kagbeni through Jomsom. You can then drive, ride a horse, or go on a hike to Lo Manthang Nepal. This journey takes you through stunning landscapes, historic villages, and a distinctive culture with Tibetan influences. Whatever method you choose, it's crucial to ascend gradually and drink lots of fluids to reduce the likelihood of getting altitude sickness. 

Outline Itinerary

April26,Day 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu.Namaste and welcome to Nepal. Overnight at Hotel.

April27,Day 02 : Sightseeing of Kathmandu City. Overnight at Hotel.

April28,Day 03 :  Drive to Pokhara (800m) by private car/bus 6-7 hours Overnight at hotel.

April29,Day 04 :  Fly to Jomsom (2729m) in the morning and 3 hrs trek to Kagbeni (2800m). Overnight at lodge.

April30,Day 05:  Trek to Chele (3100m) 6-7 hrs (enter the special mustang trekking permit). Overnight at lodge.

April31,Day 06 :  Trek to Syangboche (3800m) via Ranchong cave. Overnight at lodge.

May01,Day 07 :  Trek to Ghami (3570m) via oldest monastery of Ghiling. 6-7 hrs. Overnight at lodge.

May02,Day 08 : Trek to Dhakmar (3820m). 4-5 hrs. Overnight at lodge.

May03,Day 09 :  Trek to Ghargumba (3920m) via Muila Pass (4170m). 5-6 hrs. Overnight at lodge.

May04,Day 10 : Trek to Lo-Manthang (3840m) Morongla Pass (4230m). 6-7 hrs. Overnight at Lodge.

May05,Day 11 : Rest and observe Tiji Festival. Overnight at lodge.

May06: Day 12:  Trek to Chhyoshar cave and back to Lomanthang for the festival. Overnight at lodge.

May07,Day 13 :  Visit around in the morning and join the Tiji Festival. Overnight at lodge.

May,08,Day 14 :  Trek to Dhi (3390m). Overnight at lodge.

May09,Day 15 :  Trek to Luri Gompa and back to Yara. Overnight at lodge.

May10,Day 16 :  Trek to Tangbe (3240m). Overnight at lodge.

May11,Day 17 :  Trek to Tetang or Chhusang via Paha. Overnight at lodge.

May12,Day 18 : Trek to MuktMay19, Trek to Muktinath via Gyula Pass (4077m). Overnight at lodge.

May13,Day 19 : Trek to Jomsom. 6-7 hrs. Overnight at lodge.

May14,Day 20 : Fly Back to Pokhara and sightseeing in around the Pokhara

May15,Day 21 : Drive to Kathmandu

May16,Day 22 :  Final Departure to your home land.

Visa Requirements and Permit:

What are the visa requirements to visit Nepal? Do we need any special permit to visit Everest 3 pass trek?

Immigration of Nepal offers visa on arrival to most of the foreign nationals except few countries. The fees structure are available based on the number of stay.

  • Visa Fee Structure for on arrival Visa:

           15 Days – 25 USD

           30 Days – 40 USD

           90 Days – 100 USD

Mustang Special permit per person USD $ 500 for 10 days . after 10 days per person USD$ 50 per day 

Detailed information on Visa Information for Nepal is available in official Website. 

You can apply for visa online via official website of Department of Immigration.

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Detail Itinerary

Day 01April 25, Arrival at Kathmandu.Namaste and welcome to Nepal. Alpine Excursion Treks and expedition's representative welcome you warmly at the Tribhuwan International Airport and transfer to the hotel. You take rest and enjoy your meal in the evening. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 02 April 26, Sightseeing of Kathmandu City. After the breakfast, you set out for the sightseeing trip in the Kathmandu valley. Our expert tour guide shows you the UNESCO world heritage sites, which include Pashupatinath (the Hindu temple), Boudhanath (Buddhist stupa), Swayambhunath (Buddhist stupa and temple). Then, return back to the hotel. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 03 April 27,Drive to Pokhara (800m) by private car/bus 6-7 hoursToday, we drive or fly to Pokhara, the city of Lakes. Driving through the highway takes about 6 hours and flight is just about half an hour. The views that can be explored during the driving are breathtaking. The winding road along the bank of the River is wonderful. Once you reach Pokhara, you will be transferred to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 04April 28, Fly to Jomsom (2729m) in the morning and 3 hrs trek to Kagbeni (2800m).In the morning, we fly to Jomsom from Pokhara. On the clear weather, we can enjoy the panoramic wonders of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges. Jomsom is the district center of the Mustang. Meeting further crew, we begin the excursion through the Kaligandaki River bank and continually lead us to Kagbeni, which is the gateway of Upper Mustang. Overnight at lodge.

Day 05April 29, Trek to Chele (3100m) 6-7 hrs (enter the special mustang trekking permit).With a check in of the restricted area trekking permit, we begin to walk in the less known world. The trail is dominated by the surprising sandy desert. In some places, we can see the barley and wheat field. Walking continually, we reach to the Chhusang village. Overnight at lodge.

Day 06April 30,Trek to Syangboche (3800m) via Ranchong cave. 7-8 hrs, including cave visit time. After the breakfast, we begin the trek ascending the Taklam pass that offers the wonderful view of the Tilicho Peak. Then we climb down to the Samar village and trek down to the stream. Exploring the Ranchong cave on the way, we trek continually to Syangboche. Overnight at lodge.

Day 07 May01, Trek to Ghami (3570m) via oldest monastery of Ghiling. 6-7 hrs We begin to trek further From Ghyami after the breakfast. We pass several chhortens on the way and walk further passing the buckwheat fields. We cross two passes- namely Yamda and Nyi La Pass. We can visit the oldest monastery of Ghiling before reaching to Ghami that we reach after a gradual ascend. Overnight at lodge.

Day 08 May02,Trek to Dhakmar (3820m). 4-5 hrsWe can explore the longest Mani Wall in Upper Mustang while heading from Ghami to Dhakmar. We have a relaxing walking hour today. Walking through the enticing landscape with the views of the sandy cliffs and steep sightings, we gradually reach to Dhakmar. Overnight at lodge.

Day 09 May 03,Trek to Ghargumba (3920m) via Muila Pass (4170m). 5-6 hrsAfter the breakfast, we begin to walk further from Dhakmar, taking the steep up trail. Mui La Pass (4170 meters) is located on the trail that we cross to reach to Ghar Gompa where pure virtue of Lo Nying Sect Scriptures of Padmasambhava can be explored. Overnight at lodge.

Day 10 May04 Trek to Lo-Manthang (3840m) Morongla Pass (4230m). 6-7 hrsA wonderful day of our trekking, we head to the ultimate destination. The dazzling views of Mt. Annapurna, Tilicho and Nilgiri peaks can be explored from the trail. We climb down to the canyon and climb up from the next edge of the River. When we reach to Lo, the first sight of the Lomanthang, a stone walled town, can be seen. The picturesque Lomanthang is surrounded by the Tibetan Buddhist settlement. Overnight at Lodge.

Day 11 May 05, Rest and observe Tiji Festival.The main three days of the Tiji festival, we enjoy the first day with a special ceremony. The participants wear different masks and perform in a traditional way. It is a festival celebrated to avoid the drought and asking for the rain. Various customs are used to make the diversities. Overnight at lodge.

Day 12 May 06,Trek to Chhyoshar cave and back to Lomanthang for the festival.After the breakfast, we begin to walk through the easy and gentle trail that leads us to Arka and to Choser. We can explore the Chhyoshar cave and its surrounding. It is almost 4000 meters altitude. Then we trek down to Lomanthang to observe the second day of the Tiji festival and enjoy the cultural pattern of the Tibetan Buddhists. Overnight at lodge.

Day 13May 07, Visit around in the morning and join the Tiji Festival.After the breakfast, we visit around the stone walled town and enjoy the local attractions. We can visit the Namgyal monastery, Thinggar or explore the Simdrubling cave. Then we back to Lomanthang and enjoy the last day at the Tiji festival ceremony. It represents the victory of the God and the defeat of demon after which there will be enough rain. Overnight at lodge.

Day 14 May08 ,Trek to Dhi (3390m). 6-7 hrsAs we begin to leave Lomanthang, we move ahead through the windy pass and trek to Udi Danda. Then we cross the Dhi La Pass at 3950 after which we climb down to Dhi, which is located at 3400 meters. Overnight at lodge.

Day 15May 09, Trek to Luri Gompa and back to Yara. 6-7 hrsAfter the breakfast, w=first we trek to Yara, take a short break and walk further to Luri Gompa via Tashi Kabum. It is also known as Drukpa Kargu. Exploring the monastery, we trek back to Yara for the overnight stay. We enjoy the spiritual surroundings along with the cultural attractions. Overnight at lodge.

Day 16May 10, Trek to Tangbe (3240m) 6-7 hrsToday, we have a walk through the isolated area, with few habitats. The landscape is still enticing. All the way we trek down to Tangge, which is a wonderful place to stay. Overnight at lodge.

Day 17 May 11, Trek to Tetang or Chhusang via Paha. 8-9 hrsPassing some streams, we begin to trek down from Tangge. We reach to Pa, where we can see a small water spring. If we are there out of monsoon, the trek from Pa to Tetang is challenging as it is the driest part of the trek. Via Siyarko Tangk Danda, we trek to Tetang. Overnight at lodge.

Day 18 May 12, Trek to Muktinath via Gyula Pass (4077m), end the special Mustang trek permit.From Tetang, we trek to Muktinath via Gyu La with a steep climb. From the pass, the panoramic views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Tukuche can be explored wonderfully. Then we reach to Muktinath via Jhong, checking out from the restricted region of Upper Mustang. Enjoy the holy atmosphere of the Muktinath. Overnight at lodge.

Day 19May 13, Trek to Jomsom. 6-7 hrs.From Muktinath temple we begin the trek to Jomsom via Kagbeni. It's pretty much long walk through the dusty Kali Gandaki River bank. As the region lies in the rain shadow area, the landscape is entirely brown and dotted with sandy rocks. Reach to Jomsom and take a rest. Overnight at lodge.

Day 20May 14, Fly Back to Pokhara and sightseeing in around the Pokharaif we fly on time from Jomsom to pokhara then after few time rest, we will do the sightseeing around the pokhara. and back to hotel.

Day 21May 15, , Drive to Kathmandu After 7-8 hrs drive from pokhara, We arrived in Kathmandu. we will have our lunch on the way of Kathmandu as such simple Nepali dalbhat.

Day 22 May 16 Final Departure to your home land.

Cost Include

1. 3 night's hotel in Kathmandu in  bed & breakfast

2. 2 night hotel in Pokhara in  Bed and breakfast.

3. Drive  Kathmandu - Pokhara - and flight to jomsom -pokhara.

4. Lodge Trek with meal, guide, sherpas, porters, etc.

5. Mustang Special permit $500 per person  for a week   and after an week $50 per person per day 

6. Annapurna Conservation fee per person $25

7. Transportation of staff & equipment

8. Staff transportation Ktm-  Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara-ktm 

9. Cargo for trekking goods from Pokhara - Jomsom -Pokhara

10. Domestic airport tax

11. Insurance & clothing for trekking staff.

12. Airport /hotel/airport transfer

13. We will have self-cooking staffs during the Trekking.

14. Whole trip we will provide you hot and cold Drinking water by self-boiled water

15. First aid kit box for Nepali staffs

16. 1 full day sightseeing in Kathmandu

17. Kathmandu - Pokhara Deluxe Air-Condition bus

18. Welcome Dinner in Kathmandu

19. Last day fairewell dinner in Kathmandu with official staff.

20. Our Service Charge and all government taxes

Cost Exclude

1. All expenses of personal nature

2. Personal travel insurance

3. Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu & Pokhara excepted prove you from agency through

4. Helicopter rescue incase needed

5. Medicine as well as in trekking

6. International airport taxes

7. Tips for staff

8. Laundry, phone calls

9. Bar bills, Mineral water, Sweet, candy



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